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We make valuable content happen.

The Big Binge is a digital content production house dedicated to producing meaningful content that aims to inform, inspire, educate and entertain viewers.

Our secret sauce

what sets us apart?

our content is produced keeping in mind the answer to one simple question — in exchange of its consumption time, what value does it add to the life of our viewers?

Producing meaningful content

We believe that – time is energy and anything you give your energy to, grows!
This belief has lead us to realise that if we focus our energies on the positive, only the positive shall grow.
Our team works hard to ensure that the content we produce, more often than not, is relatable to a certain aspect of life, society or skill(s) in general.

Delivering quality content on time

As indicated earlier, we look at time as being a limited energy resource on an individual level.
We understand the importance of delivering news content that is timely yet reliable.
In pursuit of the same, we have been able to successfully tie up with one of India's leading news content providers IANS as being one of the news content providers for our website.

Millennial oriented media house

Information overload has made it increasingly tough for millennials to keep focus on what's productive and has a positive impact.
Being a millennial oriented media house, we have undertaken a deliberate minimalistic approach.
This refers to the fact that we have limited our news content to only sharing stories that are positive, productive and progressive.

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