Book review: ‘The Girl Who Saw It All’ by Rooprashi

You might find that the book does leave a mild whisper in your ears to ‘forgive yourself.’

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We live our lives crossing milestones and creating our very own legend with every path we take, with every choice we make, and the book ‘The girl who saw it all’ sums up this beautiful journey through the eyes of a simple girl, Aarohi. Rooprashi’s debut novel turns out to be not just a fictional tale that keeps the reader gripped throughout but also as a self-help verse that sows the seeds of growth and progress in the individual’s personality and being. ‘The girl who saw it all’ not only catches the readers with its smart name but its mystical cover page is something that can catch anybody’s attention with its calming effect. 

Rooprashi cleverly intertwines the story of a dreamer, Aarohi, with aspects that can feed the readers dreams and make them identify with Aarohi in some way or the other. The novel has a very simple approach to language and seems to be a direct flow of emotions penned down in their raw form making the reader feel them first hand. While this writing style might not flatter some readers, it does render an organic feel to it. The only thing that could be better is the editing of the book, we feel the linear story could have had a better impact if it was presented in a non-linear way. But then again, that is just an opinion.

Defining the life of a simple college going girl and her journey towards a better self, Rooprashi helps the reader learn and imbibe the values towards making them a better self. 

The book reads, ‘the purpose of life is to be free’ and Aarohi’s journey towards a better life sets on this note as she learns to be free and expressive after facing her first heartbreak ever. A simple girl with a passion to pursue her dream, Aarohi finds it difficult to accept and understand her emotions when it’s the time which results into her losing the love of her life and thus embarking on the journey of understanding the true meaning of a ‘free life’.

Living through the ups and downs and picking lessons from every circumstance and person she comes across Aarohi voyages through in pursuit of her goals, her soulmate and her destiny. Every chapter of the book enables the reader to dwell deeper into their own understanding of life. The author gracefully helps the reader reflect on their own lives with her simplistic style of writing.

Although it’s a book that can be completely read in a weekend or two, its chapters on self-learning are something you can always go back to. To conclude, the book is a good attempt at being a source of inspiration. It teaches the readers the importance of striving hard to achieve their goals, overcoming their fears to succeed, and facing failure with courage and learning to live and express at the moment. The book is a must-read for those in search of living a more meaningful life. It teaches ways of leading such a life through the story of Aarohi. You might find that the book does leave a mild whisper in your ears to ‘forgive yourself.’

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