Preeti Shenoy to release new book

The announcement was made by publisher Westland.
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New Delhi: Bestselling author Preeti Shenoy will be coming out with a new book, “The Rule Breakers”, later this month.

The announcement was made by publisher Westland, which said that the book will release on September 17 and is currently on pre-order. 

“Weaving a thought-provoking narrative of a woman’s journey towards self-discovery, in this emotional roller-coaster of a novel, Preeti Shenoy treads new grounds once again and brings together a powerfully liberating book, a read crucial for our times. Complex themes like women’s equality, gender diversity and inclusion, a path to find one’s inner purpose are deftly explored in a gripping tale, set in the nineties in Joshimath and Pune,” the publisher said in a statement. 

“The Rule Breakers”, Westland added, will be “an inspirational tale for those who find it difficult to stand up for what they want in life.”

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