This Valentine’s Day, Nikita Singh is set to release ‘Letters to My Ex’

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New Delhi: With just over a week to go for the Valentines Day, readers of popular fiction may have something exciting in store for them. Nikita Singh, bestselling author of ten novels, has announced that her next book “Letters to My Ex” will be released on this Valentines Day.

To add to the season’s spirit, here is a novel that is not just about idyllic love, but of what comes after, and in between. It is about real relationships, as they evolve, and sometimes dissolve, and not just about romance that exists only in fairytales. 

“This book is an exchange of letters between two people who hurt each other, and are trying to recover from the heartbreak and fix their lives. It tends to get intense, and very emotional at times, which I enjoyed writing. As the girl who writes long texts and emails, I’m very excited to see how people will react to it,” Singh told IANS in an email. 

Born in Patna and raised in Indore, Nikita worked in the book publishing industry in New Delhi for a few years before moving to New York for her MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) at The New School. She lives in Manhattan, where she does digital content and marketing for a solar energy company.



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