Prabhudheva not dancing in ‘Mercury’, says director

Director Karthik Subbaraj says iconic dancer-actor-filmmaker Prabhudheva will not be seen dancing in their film "Mercury".

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Mumbai: Director Karthik Subbaraj says iconic dancer-actor-filmmaker Prabhudheva will not be seen dancing in their film “Mercury”.

“Though I cast Prabhudheva, there is no dance sequence in the film. Perhaps that is why he must have found the film interesting and agreed to do it because he is known for his dance and gets offers of dance films every now and then. I went to him with the story where he is playing the antagonist. It is a very different kind of Prabhudheva that the audience will get to see,” Subbaraj told.

While the song “Mercury” is getting appreciation from people online, the director mentioned: “That is a promotional video because we are releasing the film pan India. That’s the only time when Prabhu Sir danced, but it is not a part of the film.”

The silent thriller has an element of mystery and the darker side of industrial development. 

“The film deals with corporate exploitation in small towns and mother nature. There are many examples that we have seen in the past also like the Bhopal gas tragedy. One of the reasons why I wanted to make it a silent film was to address an issue that is universal, that has no language barrier. 

“I think silence could also be a louder voice if expressed correctly. Cinema is a visual medium. So, I treated the story with visuals,” shared the director about “Mercury”, which is releasing on April 13.

Born and brought up in a traditional south Indian family, Subbaraj started his career as a software engineer before joining the film industry.

“I would say my parents were really supportive after a point. I had to prove to them that I am not just dreaming, I can really make it. I started learning filmmaking by joining a weekend film school in Bengaluru. I made some amateur short films that got appreciation from people around me,” he said.

Subbaraj has made short films like “Kaatchipizhai”, “Who’s the Indian”, “Petty Case”, “Broken Gods” and “Raavanam”.

“I think that… to an extent gave my parents some amount of confidence before I told them that I want to quit my job,” said the director.

“I have also started my production house for creating and supporting good content. We have produced a Tamil web series that will soon stream on ZEE5 OTT platform. It is titled ‘Kallachiruppu’,” he shared.

He is also excited about his next directorial venture.

“I am working on my next with our all-time favourite Rajinikanth Sir. There is a mixed feeling of pressure and excitement. I am a huge Rajinikanth fan and this is a dream that is coming true. Now I am working on its pre-production so, I cannot talk much about it. But yes, we are working together,” said the 35-year-old director.


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