Expert fashion tips for going ‘red with a difference’ this Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and thanks to people who have started to paint the town red, it certainly feels as though love is in the air! So this Valentine’s Day why not flaunt the colour of love, but with a difference?

Here are some expert tips for looking fab using red, shared by designer Pallavi Mohan who is the creative head behind the fashion label ‘Not So Serious’ and designer Jigyasa Jolly, creative director of Modo Caldo.

There is always this thought that red might be too cheesy to pull off, but many think red is a very special colour and fits perfect for the occasion.

Here are ways designer Pallavi Mohan suggests, to go red this Valentine’s Day while keeping things ‘not so cheesy’…

1. A red/wine coloured clutch paired with a pastel dress: A red clutch with a pastel dress will instantly make you stand out. You will be very festive yet chic. Carry that look and it will be perfect for dinner or date night. 

2. Fur it up with a faux fur coat: You can choose a bright red or go for maroon. Pair it with a smart denim, a white T-shirt and sneakers of your choice. 

3. Accessorise the look: When getting ready for V-day make sure you don’t forget about the accessories. You can pick up either hot red sunglasses, a nice red hat, red-feathered sandals. The list is endless. Make the colour pop. 

4. A red tux/suit: Go a little crazy, wear a nice red suit pair it up with black pumps. Exclusively for the date. Make a bold and confident impression. 

5. Maroon it through the evenings: Maroon does not get enough credit for what it does for valentines. It brings a passionate charm, pair up some maroon with velvet in a nice full-length skirt and go out for your day, in your oversized sunglasses.

For those looking to create the ‘right look’ draped in red, depending on how they plan to spend their day, here are a few tips from Jigyasa Jolly, Creative Director of Modo Caldo…

1. The formal candle-light dinner date look: Opt for a chic shoulder defining jumpsuit in solid red for a formal candlelight dinner if you are headed for a night full of meaningful conversation.

2. The romantic dance night look:  If you want to flaunt a pretty dress while twirling in your loved one’s arms for a romantic dance, then go for an off-shoulder dress with a shade of red of your choice.

3. The bold and sexy look: For those who would like to look bold and sexy, pair a long embellished maroon jacket with a black crop top. There is nothing better than black to mingle with red, and give you that ultra sexy look!



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