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Bangalore: Since its first introduction in 2017, Lee’s BODY OPTIX™ Collection has been creating body stylish outfits for women. With the combined power of scientists and denim designers, the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection delivers the 360° body shaping, customised with seasonal features and fashionable cuts.

This season, the campaign intensifies the effects of vision science in BODY OPTIX™ by employing a play of graphical stripes and dots, using 2D designs to achieve a 3D effect that results in visually enhanced beauty.

Technology in BODY OPTIX™:
BODY OPTIX™ is a denim line with styling essentials that combines the science of optics, the study of sight and the behaviour of light, with Geodesic Shaping, Anatomy Shading and Anatomy Warping – a patented technology that uses laser technology to make the wearer appear slimmer and shapelier, creating a 3D transformation.

Constructed with such technologies, the BODY OPTIX™ Spring/Summer 2018 Collection further boasts its character with the outfits in multiple fashionable cuts that achieve optimal enhancing effects. With shading at the delicate area on the outfit, it produces an amazing body shaping effect. The contoured yoke, Body shaping pockets and embroidery also help to lift and shape the rear and flattering the overall body shape. 

Disrupting the occluding contour, the side seams slim the legs from both the front and side, where the magic appears to lengthen the legs in front and slimmer the ankles. When viewed from the side, the waistline is seemingly lifted, creating a linear perspective that visually slims the thighs and enhances the rear. The body proportion is enhanced and further spiced with femininity. 

Using multiple 3D shaping cues and texture gradients on tees, geodesic contour forms to slim the waist. Warped striped tee-shirts combine the effort of anatomy warping and algorithmic design all contributes to a more attractive 3D body shape.

BODY OPTIX™ stems from extensive consumer research and insights by Lee designers in collaboration with the VF Cognitive and Design Science Lab in LA, focused on all aspects of and ideals for the Asian female body shape. 

Rather than gaining design inspiration from regular sources such as trends, colours, washes and fabrics, Lee’s approach to the BODY OPTIX™ design is to develop jeans that enhance the body, based on the science behind the way humans construct visual images. 


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