Luxury shoe brand from Paris opens first boutique in India


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New Delhi: Berluti Paris, a luxury shoe brand from Paris, has opened its maiden boutique in India.

It has entered the Indian market in partnership with Bequest Group. 

The new boutique in DLF Emporio here displays the complete lifestyle range of shoes, leather goods and ready-to-wear pieces amongst which are the emblematic Alessandro shoes, Un Jour or Deux Jour briefcases and Playtime sneakers. 

“Berluti Paris’s exclusive partnership with Bequest ensures that its global standards are maintained in India as well. The retail staff has also been given extensive training to provide a Paris-like experience to the discerning shoppers,” Gaganmeet Singh, CEO, Bequest Group, said in a statement.

Berluti was established in Paris in 1895 and has been built by four generations of shoemakers. In 2005 fine leather goods were introduced and a complete clothing collection followed in 2011. 



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