Namrata Joshipura’s ‘Now’ an ode to technology


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New Delhi: Designer Namrata Joshipura’s vision is that of global aesthetics and her autumn/winter line at the Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) truly echoed her design aesthetics when she chose to present a collection titled ‘Now’ that had its essence in technology.

Her collection in association with NEXA had some glamorous designs in smart cuts and detailing.

“Technology has evolved to the point that it is integrated or integral to us – it is no longer an intermediary between us and the world. We are one! New neural pathways are dug – our brains are changed forever and indeterminably. The trajectory is uncertain,” said the designer.

Her collection, which was showcased here on Saturday, comprised sharp silhouettes that included gowns, jumpsuits and skirts, each with multi layers of embroidery.

The colour palette varied from electric blue, deep magenta, dusty pink, grey and black making each piece apt for millenials and all those who want to move with time.

Her unique ability to marry contemporary silhouettes with modern interpretations of artisanal embellishments has distinguished the brand and for those who watched her show got a glimpse of that.



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