Amritsar to have ‘Food Street’

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Chandigarh: Amritsar will soon get a Lahore-like food street for connoisseurs to relish local varieties, offering unique and aromatic flavours that will attract visitors from around the world.

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh made the announcement during a visit to the Punjab Food Festival organised in Amritsar, 250 km from here.

“With Amritsar, the Guru Ki Nagri, being a major tourist destination, a Food Street of Punjab’s cuisine would be a major added attraction for visitors,” he said, directing Tourism and Culture Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu to work on the project.

Sidhu promised to commence work on it on priority and announced that it will come up at Town Hall within six months.

Amritsar is known for its rich tradition and variety of food. Local residents are also famous for their love for this food and digesting it easily.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister also assured all government support to actor-producer Deepa Sahi, who comes from an Army background, for the development of the historic Gobindgarh Fort, which was opened to the public one year back.

Deepa has been working at the 18th century fort for the past few years to develop the region’s first virtual reality theme park for bringing alive the experience of the past.

“The government will join Deepa in further nurturing and evolving the unique live museum, which has emerged as a repository of Punjab’s history,” the Chief Minister said.



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