Food review: Gulmurg – The Shalimar Hotel, Kemps Corner, Mumbai

Located at Kemps Corner, Gulmurg has been in business for more than 50 years. The authenticity of flavours found in their Indian, Mughalai and Awadhi cuisine is what has kept them going strong!

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Mumbai: Located at Kemps Corner, Gulmurg has been in business for more than 50 years. The authenticity of flavours found in their Indian, Mughalai and Awadhi cuisine is what has kept them going strong despite facing massive competition from other FnB businesses located at surrounding upmarket streets like Malabar Hill, Peddar Road, Breach Candy, Nepean Sea Road, etc.

Gulmurg is located on the first floor of Shalimar Hotel. They serve a wide variety of food that can serve a wide variety of clientele. While their meat preparations are ready to delight the carnivores, they are also capable of bringing to your table some good vegetarian food that, on request can be prepared in ‘Jain’ preparations too.

Here are our top 5 recommendations from their scrumptious menu, that you should add to your ‘must have’ list:

5) Laal Maas: A famous Rajasthani meat preparation that is known for its tedious preparation method and spicy flavour. Not only is this dish hard to pull off, but it also requires a certain level of craft to balance in the numerous flavours added in this. What we liked about the way it was prepared at Gulmurg was the tenderness of the meat and how the flavours were mixed well, balanced out and infused to blend in perfectly with the meat.

4) Haridwari Aloo: Sometimes, it is the simplest of things that win your heart. We tasted this dish served hot, and it did remind us of (as the name suggests) the streets of Haridwar. The chef did not try and experiment too much. In fact for this particular dish, it is the fact that the chef stuck to the basics and did them well. And that is exactly what brings it into our top 5 list.

3) Murg Makhanwala: When questioned about their hottest selling dish, the restaurant management informed that it is their ‘Butter Chicken’ a.k.a. ‘Murg Makhanwala’. Once that’s been said, how could we not give the good old Butter Chicken a try? And right at the very first bite, we knew that we took the right decision by giving this a try.

2) Murg Tikka: Who doesn’t like a good ‘chicken tikka’ to start off a foodie evening. And what is a good tikka without a good chutney to accompany it? It seems that the kitchen of Gulmurg had these facts figured out already and hence brought to our table their Murg Tikka, a delight to our taste buds.

1) Lucknowi Kebab Pasanda: Now, if you are going to this place knowing that you are just going to try one single dish, try this. The flavours are as pleasant as they can get when a charcoal grilled meat is mixed into a gravy. They informed us that they brush the meat with butter so that it doesn’t feel dry after being grilled.

Lastly, to end things on a sweet note you should try their Rasmalai if you are in the mood for some Indian sweets. Or you can also go for their Kulfi Falooda if you are in the mood for some ice cream. Both of them are equally refreshing for your taste buds after you have a good meal here. 

The place is of a decent size, not too spacious and not too cramped. The staff is well trained and courteous. Overall, we had a decent experience that was completely overpowered by the delectable flavours that came to our table.

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