Nallasopara: A fast-growing hub for Hip-Hop culture in Mumbai, India


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Mumbai: Being situated away from downtown, may keep the property rates of Nallasopara at a low but certainly not the dreams and aspirations of its inhabitants.

We check out the Hip-Hop scene in Nallasopara and discover it to be like no place else. Thanks to reality shows, the place has already gained a name for itself with groups like Fictitious Group, Kings United, V Company and Wild Rippers.

We meet a Hip-Hop collective in Nallasopara whose aim is to change the stereotypical image of Nallasopara and convert it into a place that becomes the hub of Hip-Hop culture as a whole.

The collective wants all the different elements of Hip-Hop culture to bloom in Nallasopara. These different elements include Grafitti artists, Dj’s, Beat Boxers, Rappers/Emcee’s and so on.

Bombay Lokal is an inception of Aamir Shaikh who has been a part of India’s Hip-Hop scene for almost a decade now.

Watch the video to find out more about his vision to change the game and bring people from other areas to Nallasopara so that Hip-Hop enthusiasts from Nallasopara do not have to go to other places near downtown to indulge in the Hip-Hop scene.



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