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Mumbai: Since it’s inception, almost instantaneously, TED Talks became one of the most popular ideas and knowledge sharing platforms. Since it is that time of the year when a new academic year is to begin, we decided to dig in the TED Talks inventory in the hopes of finding some gems for educational innovation. Guess what, as expected, we weren’t disappointed at all!

Listed below are TED Talks we believe one can take inspiration from and lead their way to innovate our curriculum!

  • Turning trash into toys for learning | Arvind Gupta

Toys are often considered to be distractors to education and learning. But it takes just one man to make a difference! This TED Talk by Arvind Gupta offers 15 minutes of deep dive into the world of toys that can be used as instruments to enhance learning.

Talking about his experience in using simple toys that to teach science, he says in the TED Talk “I’ve been really privileged to go to over 2,000 schools in my country — village schools, government schools, municipal schools, Ivy League schools — I’ve been invited by most of them. And every time I go to a school, I see a gleam in the eyes of the children. I see hope. I see happiness in their faces. Children want to make things. Children want to do things.”

To add to the genius of this concept of his, all the toys he makes are usually made from scrap material. Transforming waste into toys is one thing, but transforming waste into educational toys is just taking things to the next level!

  • Let’s use video to reinvent education | Sal Khan

Using video to reinvent education and 

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